Announcing a Holistic Approach to Fundraising With Donor Lifecycle Analytics

NASHVILLE, TN – 17 April, 2018: Kindful, a company providing software that helps nonprofits organize data and manage donors better, has announced their new Donor Lifecycle Analytics, bringing powerful and holistic insights to donor management.

Continuing to make donor management easier, Kindful is pioneering an approach to donor data that looks at the entire lifecycle. Where many other providers in the market focus only on retention, Kindful’s Donor Lifecycle Analytics take into account both acquisition and upgraded donors, supplementing retention data. By analyzing the data in a nonprofit’s account, Kindful’s Lifecycle Analytics provide the nonprofit’s employees actionable insights to help them engage their donors better based on each donor’s location in the donor lifecycle.

“Looking at the nonprofit market, there’s a clear need for intelligent, data-driven suggestions,” remarks Kindful CEO Jeremy L. Bolls. “The easier it is for nonprofits to get insights into a donor’s relationship with their organization, the better they can fundraise. We know that donor information and engagement is changing faster than ever, and thanks to our platform approach, organizations can have confidence that they have the most up-to-date information on all their constituents through Kindful’s many integrations.”

Kindful’s Donor Lifecycle Analytics segment the lifecycle into acquisition, retention, and upgrades. Providing metrics around campaign success, acquisition analytics can help fundraisers analyze their marketing strategies. Retention analytics offer an easy-to-view list of donors in danger of lapsing, providing straightforward points of contact for relationship nurturing. Looking at already engaged donors, upgrade analytics help development specialists see how well they are getting their donors to give more year over year.

“Placing Donor Lifecycle Analytics on our new dashboard is just the first step,” Bolls says “The future holds some pretty incredible insights for our customers, harvesting donor data to provide new engagement metrics and actions nonprofits can take to truly grow the health of their organization.”

About Kindful
Kindful is a Nashville-based software company that provides powerful software to help nonprofits organize data and manage donors better. Featuring online donation pages, donor database, reporting tools, and integrated partnerships with industry-leading services, Kindful’s platform is designed to help nonprofit employees manage their donors easier, saving time and creating better insights. Kindful proudly powers thousands of world-changing organizations both in the U.S. and internationally. For more information, please visit