Fundraising is a critical part of the work of nonprofits, but unless someone’s a hired fundraiser, chances are they are reluctant to fundraise. Happy to share the vision? Yes. Ready to roll up their sleeves and get involved? Yes. But ask someone for money? That’s a hard no.

Learn how understanding the neuroscience behind our behaviors can help unleash the fundraising potential of reluctant fundraisers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how our brains work when it comes to fundraising
  • Discover why everything you might have tried to get “reluctant fundraisers” to fundraise has been in vain
  • Learn alternatives that will actually get those around you rolling up their sleeves for fundraising.

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Presenter Bio:

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Cindy Wagman’s heartfelt goal is to unlock the potential of small nonprofits through fundraising. Having spent her entire career in fundraising, Cindy knows how to make it accessible to small nonprofits in a way that is mission-enhancing and empowering. Cindy is the host of the top-rated podcast, The Small Nonprofit.