There are a few phrases I hear all the time:

“We finished our Strategic Plan, but now we need the money to actually do what’s in the plan.”

“We finished our Annual Budget, but we always end the year in the red so I don’t know how we’d ever reach our goal.”

The notion that nonprofits will never have enough resources to change the world, are unable to ever be fully funded, or will always struggle because they don’t have enough money?

That’s simply not true.

How do I know? I see my clients do this every day. I see boards, leaders, and development staff successfully make fundamental shifts in their approach to fully financing their missions.

And in my book, success looks like having the money for your programs AND overhead AND reserve fund.

But, here’s the big secret. It’s what everyone gets wrong.

You can’t start with just doing more fundraising things. Your lack of revenue is a symptom of a root problem that needs to be fixed. If you don’t fix it, you’ll always be on the spin cycle.

99% of nonprofit CEOs who come to me are not fully funded because they haven’t addressed the real root problems. These are the things that are keeping donors from giving larger donations to your mission.

We’ll discuss the biggest root issues:

  • Your Approach to Planning & Budgeting
  • Irrational Frugality – Making million-dollar decisions vs. one dollar decisions
  • How your approach to budgeting keeps you in the red year after year (fear of the spend)
  • Why donors don’t know you need money for your nonprofit
  • Creating fundraising plans before financing plans

All along the way, I’d love to share a few case studies about how my clients have done just this to shift out of the red and into the black and fully fund their organization’s growth plans. My clients regularly add 7-figures of revenue to their bottom line using this methodology.

Webinar Resource:

HOW TO: Fund All The Big Ideas In Your Strategic Plan Without Adding More Events, Grant Applications, Or Appeals slide deck

Presenter Bio:

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Sherry teaches high-performing Nonprofit CEOs how to break free from traditional fundraising models that limit growth and don’t secure the unrestricted cash needed for overhead.

If you need a true partner to show you how to move your nonprofit into a sustainable funding model so you can truly scale and grow . . .

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