Your job is about to get much easier. Did you know there’s a totally different way to fundraise that’s much easier than ever before and feels good too?

In this webinar, I’ll show you how to beat your goals every time by:

  • Understanding the primary barriers that are holding you back from fundraising
  • Leveraging your authenticity
  • Releasing Perfectionism
  • Talking to funders in their language
  • Building true win-win partnerships
  • Using Asset Mapping + Vulnerability

Meet the host:

Mallory Erickson headshot

I am a new-ish mom of an amazing 1-year-old girl named Emmie.

My husband and I live in Berkeley, CA and although we never thought we’d be spending 24/7 together (ha!), we are enjoying the extra time with our small family. During my free time, I read, practice yoga, hike in the redwoods, and binge-watch Netflix with a glass of red wine in hand!

I love to travel, meeting new people, and (believe it or not) fundraising!