Logos play a central role in your visual identity. They serve as the hook to help your audience recognize and remember you. But they don’t always create the impact they should.

Maybe you have multiple logos for your organization’s different programs and initiatives—and struggle to make them work together.

Perhaps you only have one logo—and you’re missing out on the potential to raise the profile of your hallmark program, event, campaign, fund, or special anniversary year.

Or it could be time for a new logo, but communicating with your designer is a challenge.

Join us for All About Logos to get a fresh perspective on how to get your logos to work for you!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What makes a good logo
  • Opportunities for using logos throughout your organization
  • How to create a hierarchy among multiple logos
  • How to develop a creative brief to communicate your ideas to a designer

Presenter Bio:

Beth Brodovsky header image

As the president of Iris Creative Group Inc., Beth Brodovsky works with nonprofit leaders to focus their audience and move them to action. For 25 years, Beth and her team have developed nonprofit branding, marketing and fundraising communication. She runs Nonprofit Toolkit, training programs to grow in-house marketing skills on staff, hosted the 200-episode Driving Participation Podcast and speaks on nonprofit marketing nationally.