[Webinar] 3 Ways Donor Prospecting Amplifies Year-End Fundraising

October 29, 2019

What if you could identify the donors in your database who can give 17 times more than average? With Donor Prospecting, you gain key insights like this that help you identify how to make the most of your donor relationships.

Donor Prospecting is all about using the right data to engage your donors better. It’s as simple as identifying your ideal donor profile, implementing a prospecting tool, and then building a campaign.

Join us as Kindful experts Jared Delong and Olivia Huggins give you the tips you need to amplify your fundraising efforts and end the year on a strong giving note.

    In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • what Donor Prospecting is and the best way to get started
  • how to use Kindful tools to gain valuable insight into your donor data
  • how to use donor data to amplify your year-end giving
  • how to build a campaign and personalize your outreach based on key insights



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