In 2020, we saw a massive shift in the world of nonprofit fundraising—all of a sudden, everything needed to be transitioned online. While digital fundraising was already on the rise year-over-year, COVID forced the rapid adoption of digital-first fundraising like never seen before.

And now, we’re diving into the data and insights from 2020 to learn what fundraising trends and strategies you can adopt to help you grow the most in 2021.

During this hour-long webinar, Causevox will be talking about:

  • Fundraising insights learned from the latest reports and trends
  • Top digital fundraising strategies you can use to thrive in today’s context
  • Examples of real, successful digital fundraising campaigns you can learn from to optimize your fundraising
  • And more!

You’ll walk away with all the key insights you need to implement forward-thinking fundraising strategies at your nonprofit so you can optimize your digital fundraising in 2021.

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