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Grow your audience and raise more funds with our beautiful and innovative solutions.

Who says powerful software can’t be beautiful too? With our customizable donation pages and buttons, you’ll attract more attention for your cause, and because of our world-class apps and integrations, your donations from other fundraising tools will flow into Kindful automatically.

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Gather all of your donor data in one place with our powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Your donors are the life source of your mission, equipping you to go into your community and do more good. With Kindful’s integrated approach and thoughtful interface, you’ll spend less time managing your donors and more time engaging them.

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Build better relationships with your donors and earn more support for your nonprofit.

Your supporters want to hear from you, but it’s up to you to make it count. By engaging in regular, active communication, you’ll be inviting them to connect with your mission, share your message, and contribute to your cause so you and your team can do more good.

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Gain clarity and confidence in your fundraising while keeping your team in the loop.

Better data leads to better decisions. Being able to generate valuable reports and insights in a matter of seconds will give you the information you need to get more confident in your fundraising, leading to better results for your organization and the people you serve.

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“Amazing integrated approach to donor communication and management.”

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“The best way to see your organization at both a 30,000 foot view and a micro view.”

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“Wonderful, great support staff.”

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