Hybrid Fundraising

hybrid fundraising

What is hybrid fundraising? 

Hybrid fundraising is a type of fundraising that incorporates in-person and virtual fundraising elements in one event or campaign. Hybrid fundraising became an increasingly integral part of some nonprofits’ fundraising plans during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to lockdowns and other social distancing restrictions. 

What are the benefits of hybrid fundraising events? 

By adding a virtual component to an in-person fundraising event, your nonprofit gives more people a chance to attend or participate in the activity. This offers a degree of flexibility and accessibility that often leads to an increase in the amount of funds raised. 

What are different types of hybrid fundraising events? 

Hybrid fundraising events vary greatly depending on the fundraising goal and mission of the nonprofit, just like with traditional fundraising events. Some examples of hybrid fundraising events include hosting an in-person and virtual 5K, live streaming an in-person event, and hosting an in-person and online auction

How do you plan and execute a hybrid fundraising event? 

Given how much you’ll rely on technology, you first need to decide which app or program will best facilitate your online or virtual experience. Some examples include Zoom or going live on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 

Once you decide how you’ll host the virtual portion of the event, you should test the technology so everything runs smoothly during the actual event. If you’re hosting an online auction, there are apps that will let your attendees bid from the comfort of their own homes.  

As for the rest of the event, you should approach it how you approach in-person events. Just be sure to consider the unique accessibility challenges and opportunities that come with people viewing and listening to something via their desktop or mobile devices. 

What is the future of hybrid fundraising? 

Fundraising strategies will continue to evolve in response to changes in technology and circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic. One technology that your nonprofit might want to explore and use in the future is virtual reality. 

In the present, the most important thing is to make sure that your supporters have a way to donate to your organization at your events whether they attend online or in person. 

Bottom line

With a hybrid fundraising plan, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Get creative and see how your nonprofit can grow both its supporter base and revenue.