Donation Receipt

What Is A Donation Receipt?

Donation receipts are official documentation of a gift made by a donor. Donation receipts (often written in the form of a donation acknowledgment letter) let the donor know that their donation has been received and gives the nonprofit an opportunity to express their gratitude. Nonprofits also use donation receipts to provide donors with important information needed for tax purposes.

Donation Tax Receipt Template & Format

Due to the important information contained within a donation tax receipt, there is a specific format they must follow. All donation tax receipts should include the following information:

  • The name of the organization
  • A statement confirming that the organization is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, along with its federal tax identification number
  • Date that the donation was made
  • Donor’s name
  • Type of contribution made (cash, goods, services)
  • Value of the contribution
  • Additional information specifying if anything was received in exchange for the donation
  • Name and signature of authorized representative of the organization

Types Of Donation Receipts

  • Charitable Donation Receipt
    A charitable donation receipt is a letter, email message, or receipt form notifying a donor that their gift has been received. Charitable donation receipts contain any and all information regarding the gift (donor name, organization name, gift amount, gift type, etc.). Any gift over $250 must be recognized with a receipt.
  • In-Kind Donation Receipt
    In-kind gifts come in the form of goods or services rather than money. Gifts of goods do hold a dollar value and are tax deductible; gifts of time and service do not hold a dollar value and are not tax deductible. The monetary value of goods donated must be determined by the donor and not the nonprofit. In-kind donation receipts should include the donor’s name, the description of the gift, and the date the gift was received.
  • Cash Donation Receipt
    A cash donation receipt provides written documentation of a cash gift. The receipt proves the authenticity of the transaction to the government, should the donor wish to deduct the contribution from their total income.
  • Stock Gift Donation Receipt
    A stock gift donation receipt details the gift of stock shares of a corporation. The receipt should include the number of shares and the name of the corporation but should not place a monetary value on the shares. While not required, it is best practice to send a follow-up letter that reports the quantity and value of the donated shares on the date of the gift.
  • Silent Auction Receipt
    Silent auction receipts should be provided to every silent auction attendee who leaves the event with items they purchased. The receipt should include the name of the organization and the date of the event, as well as the names and values of each item purchased by the attendee.

Bottom Line

Donation receipts contain valuable information donors will appreciate having once tax season arrives.

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