Self-Import Tool

Import contact and transaction data into Kindful in just a few steps.

We provide templates to make importing simple and straightforward

Put any amount of donor data into our templates, where columns can be easily matched up to the right contact fields, keeping your data organized.

Preview the changes before they take place

Once you begin importing, you’ll enter Kindful’s Sandbox. This is where you can import data in a safe environment, far from any permanent changes. Verify your data was mapped correctly, and finalize your import with full confidence.

Importing is great – integrating is greater

The Self-Import Tool can import just about everything you need to get into Kindful. But wouldn’t it be better if you could just skip that whole process?

Sync your data automatically by using one of our integrated tools. Find any tool you need, from fundraising and events to email marketing and accounting. Every contact and transaction detail that syncs does so automatically, without any imports or exports, saving you countless hours.