Donor Accounts

Donors can create their own account to view their giving history, change their card on file, download a tax summary, and more.

desktop computer with donor account login page open

Allow Donors To See All The Ways They’ve Been Supporting Your Nonprofit

With everything from one-time donations to recurring gifts and event registrations, donors can remind themselves of their investment toward your cause.

Creating A Donor Account Is Easy

With Kindful, your donors can create an account simply by visiting your donation page and selecting the “Sign In” option. Once they confirm their information, all donation and event information instantly and securely connects to their account.

Recurring Givers Can Update Their Expired Card

No more phone tag to update that expired card info from your donor. To save you time, you can direct your donors to log in to their personal donor account, where they can update their card details or recurring gift amount.

End-of-Year Tax Summaries Whenever Your Donor Needs Them

With Kindful, not only can your organization generate an end-of-year tax summary with a click, your donors can also get their tax summary when they need it. At the click of a button, donors can download a PDF of their giving tax summary from your organization. Donor accounts make it easy to get the information your donors need when they need it.

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