Data Entry

Easily enter everything from contacts and transactions to in-kind gifts and transaction batches.

Simplify your manual data entry with transaction batches

Entering transactions in a batch is perfect for events and other in-person fundraisers. Set your date, campaign, and other fixed parameters, allowing you to quickly enter new transactions with minimal clicks.

Accept non-cash gifts and adjust as you need

You can choose not only the total and non-deductible amounts but also the type of asset for each in-kind gift you receive.

Accept donations from companies with the help of soft credits

When you receive a donation from a company’s giving program, you can simply add soft credits to connect to the individuals behind an organization-wide gift.

Importing from other sources

Do you have more data to enter from a CSV, Excel, or spreadsheet file? Our Self Import Tool can help you confidently import a list of contacts, transactions, or both.

Learn more about the Self Import Tool here.