Custom Reports

Filter the data you’re looking for, generate a custom report, and include only the columns you need to see.

Powerfully intuitive filtering to show contacts and activities

Drill down to the exact list of contacts, donors, activities, or donations that you’re looking for. Choose from a comprehensive list of filters and apply as many as you need.

Enter extremely specific searches

If you need a more descriptive filter than the built-in list has to offer, you can manually enter any of hundreds of filters, including custom fields. All this flexibility to help you hone in on the exact activities you need to report on.

Eliminate unwanted columns by choosing your own

When you’ve finished filtering and are ready to create your report, you can choose just the columns you need to see. Then, download your report in either PDF or CSV format.

Schedule custom reports to be emailed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly

After you’ve created your report, you can set any custom report to be continually generated and emailed on a recurring schedule.

Run your report again and again with one click

Skip the process of typing your filters every time and save your report as a report template. Now you can generate an updated version of the report at any point, or edit the report to add an additional filter.