Automatic Acknowledgments Lists

Create follow-up tasks automatically based on specific actions.

Make lists that constantly update

Any acknowledgment list you create will automatically pull in contacts to be acknowledged when a specific activity is triggered. You can choose these trigger activities from Kindful’s filters, including donations based on campaign or amount, a new recurring donation, signing up for a peer-to-peer team, and way more.

Follow-up with the appropriate action

You can choose to have acknowledgment lists trigger not only mailings or emails to go out, but calls or visits to be made. This makes it extremely easy for a volunteer or someone in development to open a list, see who needs acknowledging, and take the right steps.

See who’s been acknowledged, now and historically

After you’ve fulfilled your acknowledgment, a new acknowledgment activity will automatically show on the corresponding contact and donor profiles. Easily view all interactions – including acknowledgments – on this profile page, or filter and report on who has received specific acknowledgments.