Put Your Data to Work: Making Data Integrity a Team Priority

KindfulApril 27, 2016

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We’ve reached the third and final post in our series about putting your data to work and this one’s the kicker. There are many practical nonprofit software solutions that make data integration easier and more effective. Kindful is one of the best CRM systems for nonprofits, but without a working knowledge of how data integration works, your software won’t mean a thing.

Data is like food in your refrigerator. You can go to the store and buy the best ingredients full of potential for delicious flavors and healthy eating. But there’s two things that are just as important as those raw ingredients: an excitement for the amazing dish just waiting to be made, and an understanding of how to make that happen. Every nonprofit needs a few data chefs!

Problem: Your Data Isn’t Loved By Everyone.

You may have all the right tools flowing into one central hub, but it won’t matter if you lack the time, personnel, and team motivation to implement even the best strategies. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to help your entire staff recognize the importance of clean integrated data. Through our comprehensive suite of resources, Kindful helps gather and analyze your data for increased online fundraising. But the only way your organization will truly get the most out of Kindful (or any nonprofit CRM) is by taking the time to educate and train your staff on why data integration matters and how they can use it. And it’s not hard! Here are just a few of the many ways you can make data a valuable member of your team:

Educate around best practices. Data science, as it applies to nonprofits, is a fast-growing field. Take the time to research thought leaders in your industry. Watch tutorials on YouTube. Read blogs – start with some of our favorites! Take a class. Go to a conference. Remember that the investment you put into understanding your data can pay off exponentially when it comes to results.

Tidy Up! With no protocol for data entering and tracking data, your record-keeping is going to be a mess. It’s near impossible to be efficient and effective with data, when it’s scattered around everywhere. Get it all in one place by identifying where all your data is coming from and integrating it with your CRM. Use this handy data checklist at the bottom of this post to get started!

Pay it Forward. Make sure that every staff member, Board member, or volunteer who interacts with your data understands where to find it and how to store it. By establishing good habits during training, you can trust everyone to keep data organized and on track so you always know where it is and what it means for donor engagement.

There you have it! Common problems and solutions to make your nonprofit data work for you. At Kindful, we know that it can all be a bit complex, which is why we’re always looking for new ways to make data integration simple and understandable. That way, you can spend less time trying to decipher your data and more time focused on effective online fundraising and donor engagement!

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