Partner Spotlight: 3 Nonprofit Emails We Loved in February

KindfulMarch 02, 2016

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In a world where 91% of consumers use email at least once every day, email marketing can be an invaluable resource for your nonprofit. Whether you’re writing to keep donors updated or to garner support for a fundraising campaign, communicating via email can be an efficient and effective way to get in touch with supporters.

And thanks to great email marketing service providers like Emma, connecting with donors is easier than ever. They take care of all the logistics, leaving you the time and space to get creative. Maybe you’re getting the word out about a new peer to peer fundraising campaign. Maybe you’re just trying to share some exciting news. Whatever the case, eye-catching emails will always increase your donor engagement.

Need some inspiration? Here are three emails we loved this month… and they’re all from Kindful partner organizations!

1. One Life International: Taking on the traditional newsletter

Let’s be honest, newsletters can be a little boring. Keeping donors updated is great, but a lot of times they’re too long and basically unreadable for readers on the go. That’s why we love how One Life International shook up their quarterly newsletter. By leaving out lenghty paragraphs and linking to longer posts on their blog, One Life organically pushes readers to their website where there’s better opportunity for engagement. In fact, the whole email is a subtle call to go deeper with One Life’s work in India – from the amazing photos to the very name of the newsletter, every element encourages a personal connection and calls readers to action.

2. Know Think Act: Getting creative with campaigns

February 29th only comes once every 4 years, and Know Think Act didn’t waste it. By creating a new fundraising campaign that highlighted the leap year, Know Think Act inspired readers to think differently and do something special with their extra day. Their email announcing My Extra Day used photos to draw in readers and point them to a dedicated website for ideas on how to make an impact. (Bonus points for using a unique hashtag to inspire a social media campaign!) This email is a great example of how to create an engaging email and get creative with a short-term campaign for your nonprofit.

3. Jovenes en Camino: Celebrating big wins

There’s nothing better than celebrating a big (or small!) victory. Whether you’re praising the work of a peer to peer fundraising campaign, updating donors on how much was raised at your last event or celebrating a big anniversary like Jovenes en Camino, sharing your joy and excitement is a great way to pull donors further into the story of your organization. We especially love this email because it doesn’t just thank donors for their partnership, it also invites them to continue. Extra kudos for getting clever with the donation amounts – 12 years equals suggestions of $12, $120 or $1,200!

Are you ready to kick up your email marketing and fundraising game? We hope these examples inspire you to reimagine your email strategy and get creative with donor engagement! To take the next step, click below to download your free Kindful University resource guide on cultivating donors through email. Then head on over to Emma and sign up for a free trial to get started with email marketing and communication.

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