Kindful + GiveGame: How To Turn Major Sports And Pop Culture Events Into Fundraising Games

We’re excited to announce that Kindful recently integrated with GiveGame, a platform that turns major sports and pop culture events into fundraising games that benefit nonprofits.

Use Fundraising Games To Raise More Money For Your Organization

Do your donors love tuning in to The Bachelor on Monday nights? Are your supporters big tennis fans who always watch the US Open? Now you can take advantage of their interest in other events and ask them to raise money for your cause.

Take March Madness, for example. If you want to update your fundraising strategy to turn March Madness into a fundraising game, simply log into GiveGame, create your fundraiser, and select March Madness as your game. When the brackets go live on March 15, you’ll be able to share your fundraiser with your supporters, in which they can fill out their bracket and make a donation to your cause.

How To Connect GiveGame To Kindful

Once you’ve created your GiveGame account and fundraiser, you can integrate your account into your Kindful dashboard, adding donations and donors you receive through GiveGame to your Kindful database.

Questions? Email or visit GiveGame to learn more.