Fall Auction Planning: 5 Strategies for Live, Online, and Silent Auctions

Steven ShattuckSeptember 21, 2016

Fall Auction Planning: 5 Strategies for Live, Online, and Silent Auctions header image

Fall fundraising has officially begun and before we know it, it’ll be time for #GivingTuesday and the big year-end push.

With all that in mind, it’s crucial that we make sure that all our ducks are in a row. For many nonprofits, part of that process will involve putting the finishing touches on the preparation for an upcoming charity auction.

You might be hosting a silent auction as a complement to a fundraising dinner, or you might have designed an entire event around a combined silent, live, and online auction experience.

Whatever the case, the educational graphic below will help you ensure you’re situated to succeed by the time your loyal supporters start bidding on your carefully curated items.

And if you have a problem that isn’t addressed in the infographic, check out this article all about silent auction challenges and you might just solve it!

5 Tips for a Fall Auction 1. Employ the help of auction software 2. put the items front and center 3. use an auction checklist to ensure you're fully prepped 4. strategically design the order you're auctioning items off in 5. make your auctions highly profitable by incorporating other funding techniques


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