3 Creative Ideas For Fundraising Thermometer Alternatives [Examples]

KindfulMay 19, 2020

3 creative alternatives to the fundraising thermometer header image

If you’ve attended a fundraising event or have visited a nonprofit’s fundraising landing page, you’ve likely come across a fundraising thermometer graphic or two.

For some, a goal thermometer is the perfect way to help supporters visualize a campaign’s success. As QGiv* notes in this post about why a fundraising thermometer works, the thermometer appeals to our love of visuals, provides us with instant gratification, and helps create a sense of accomplishment.

There are other nonprofit professionals, however, who want to switch things up and use something other than a thermometer. The good news is, there are several fundraising thermometer alternatives you can use that incorporate your organization’s brand, your cause, and your fundraising events. In this post, we’ll show you three creative ideas for fundraising thermometer alternatives plus two variations of the traditional thermometer:

At Kindful, we include our cloud on most of our public-facing marketing and communication materials. If we were going to raise funds, we could use our brand colors and logo to signify different fundraising benchmarks.

Look at your logo or logomark. Can you turn that into a blank template and use it to track your fundraising progress? It’s a great way to reinforce your organization’s branding, and it puts your organization in front of your most active supporters.

It’s often not necessary to hire a graphic designer to make a fundraising thermometer for your organization’s brand. We recommend trying an affordable graphic design software. We used Canva to make this simple example of a Kindful thermometer. If you’re a registered 501c3, you can get Canva premium for free through Canva for Nonprofits.

example of using the kindful logo as a fundraising thermometer
Image: Example of using your organization’s logo or logomark as a fundraising thermometer

Download Example Kindful Logo Thermometer

2. Choose A Thermometer Related To Your Cause

If your logo or logomark doesn’t make sense to use in place of the thermometer, turn to your cause. If you’re raising money to save the rainforest, choose a template that includes a tree. If you’re building houses, choose a template that shows a house.

This is a great way to reinforce your organization’s mission and remind your supporters how the funds you’re raising are actually going to be used.

Download Example Tree Fundraising Thermometer

3. Incorporate An Element Of Your Fundraising Event

Sometimes it’s easier to tie a visual representation to your event. For example, if you’re holding a wine auction, you can use a wine glass or wine bottle. If you’re holding a baked goods drive, it might make sense to choose a pie or cake.

Download Example Wine Bottle Fundraising Thermometer

Bonus: Use Online Goal Thermometers With Your Fundraising Software

Some online fundraising and donor management platforms already have a variation of the fundraising thermometer built-in for your fundraising campaigns. The benefit of online fundraising thermometers is that they’re pre-designed and automated. This way you don’t have to put in the time to design a new one, and they will update your progress automatically. This makes it easy for your team and supporters to check the progress of your campaign without the extra work of updating it yourself.

example of kindful online fundraising thermometers
Image: Examples of built-in online fundraising thermometers on a Kindful crowdfunding page and a donation page.

Classic Fundraising Thermometer

To be clear: There’s nothing wrong with using a traditional goal thermometer! In fact, we designed this classic fundraising thermometer template for you in case you’re looking for a new one. All that really matters is that you’re giving your supporters a visual representation of how they’re helping you reach your goal and offering them a feeling of accomplishment. By doing so, you’re likely getting one step closer to hitting your fundraising goal.

Download Classic Fundraising Thermometer

*QGiv is a Kindful integration partner.

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