1,118 Nonprofit Professionals Shared Their Favorite Resources With Us

Have you ever gone in search of inspiration only to stare at a blinking cursor, unsure of where to even start looking for it? Maybe you’re looking for Giving Tuesday resources or wondering how you can set up a welcome email series. Maybe you’re just trying to keep up with the latest fundraising and marketing news as the end-of-year fundraising season kicks into gear.

Because we know having solid nonprofit resources is essential to finding the tips and insights you need to raise more funds and do more good, we asked a group of nonprofit professionals where they go to get advice.

Those 1,118 survey respondents gave us a lengthy list of websites, blogs, publications, magazines, and nonprofit professionals they turn to for the latest industry insights.

Can you guess what the #1 response was? Hint: It wasn’t actually a resource. Most people responded with some version of not sure, don’t have one, or still looking.

The good news is that you’re in good company. The better news is that we’ve included all the other nonprofit resources they listed below so you can have them on hand. Keep reading to see the top 8 resources from nonprofit professionals for nonprofit professionals.

1. AFP

Who they are: AFP (the Association of Fundraising Professionals) is an international network of fundraisers and thought leaders that provides insights on fundraising and best practices through education, networking, research, and advocacy.

Visit them for: fundraising advice, nonprofit research, and industry news.

AFP webpage screenshot

2. Classy*

Who they are: Our friends at Classy power online fundraising software for nonprofits with features that support peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, events, and more.

Visit them for: fundraising advice, industry news, and nonprofit research.

Classy blog webpage screenshot

3. The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Who they are: The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a journal for anyone connected to the nonprofit world, providing information and advice to keep organizations doing good.

Visit them for: industry news, nonprofit research, giving, nonprofit leadership, and nonprofit management.

Chronicle of Philanthropy webpage screenshot

4. Joan Garry

Who they are: Joan Garry is a nonprofit consultant, author, and blogger with over 8 years of experience as an Executive Director and many more as a consultant and thought leader.

Visit them for: nonprofit leadership, board leadership, and fundraising advice.

Joan Garry blog webpage screenshot

5. Nonprofit AF

Who they are: Vu Le is the mastermind behind Nonprofit AF, a long-time Executive Director of a Seattle-based nonprofit, and thought leader for nonprofits.

Visit them for: equity/diversity/inclusion in the nonprofit industry, donor relations, and fresh perspectives on the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit AF webpage screenshot

6. Nonprofit Quarterly

Who they are: Nonprofit Quarterly is a publication that brings together a variety of voices about nonprofit policy and practice.

Visit them for: equity/diversity/inclusion in the nonprofit industry, industry news, nonprofit management, philanthropy, and policy.

Nonprofit Quarterly webpage screenshot

7. Nonprofit Hub

Who they are: Nonprofit Hub is an online educational community that provides actionable blogs, webinars, podcasts, guides, and more for nonprofit professionals.

Visit them for: starting a nonprofit, nonprofit marketing, donor retention, and nonprofit technology tools.

Nonprofit Hub webpage screenshot

8. NextAfter

Who they are: NextAfter is a cause-based organization that researches why donors give. Their mission is to help nonprofits reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars.

Visit them for: donor and fundraising research, email marketing, online fundraising, industry insights

nextafter blog screenshot

Now that you have these recommendations, it’s time to start bookmarking! No more typing “fundraising nonprofit help” in Google and hoping the perfect article is on the first page.

What’s your favorite nonprofit resource? Did we miss it? We want to hear from you! Tweet us your favorite, and we’ll share any we missed with the nonprofit community.

*This indicates that the resource listed is also a Kindful integration partner.