The 2021 Nonprofit Advertising Benchmark Study has insights from 7,171 nonprofit organizations to help you answer the question: How much should my nonprofit spend on advertising?

The team at Whole Whale, a B Corp digital agency, analyzed the data and discovered seven takeaways.

These key insights will help you decide what percentage of your budget to allocate to advertising. The study examines key factors like reliance on event fundraising revenue plus the organization’s age, size, type, and number of employees.

In this webinar, nonprofit data analysts Samin Pogoff and Koby Langner will be joined by Senior Advertising Manager Alison Glazer to share the results of the study and how you can use it to see where your organization falls.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the industry benchmarks for nonprofit advertising spending
  • Understand the effect of event fundraising on advertising spend
  • Learn key factors that affect advertising spend, such as organization age, size, type, and employee count
  • Use the advertising benchmark data to set your organization’s advertising budget for the next fiscal year

Webinar Resource:

Presenters’ Bios:

Samin Pogoff head shot image
Samin Pogoff is a Senior Data Strategist at Whole Whale. A creative storyteller at heart and a data analyst by training, Samin helps mission-oriented businesses and organizations set goals, develop insight, increase impact, and create value through data-driven strategy.

koby langner head shot image
Koby Langner is an SEO Manager at Whole Whale. Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), Koby has worked with companies and organizations like Great Believer, The Giving Block, PGPF, Love146, and the Civic Design Center on content strategy and website optimization.

alison glazer head shot image
Alison (Ali) Glazer leads Whole Whale’s Advertising team. Since joining the team in 2017, Ali has managed over $4 million in advertising dollars to drive impact through fundraising, resource distribution, volunteer recruitment, and online community growth. Ali is also an expert in the Google Ad Grant and has utilized over $7 million Google Ad Grant dollars across a diverse group of nonprofits.