Use the Force: Restore Balance to Your Data on May the Fourth

Steven ShattuckMay 04, 2017

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We love our nonprofits. Our customers are truly the best in the galaxy. Each organization aspires to make their worlds better places, even if it means helping one rebel at a time.

Today, May the Fourth, we had the chance to sit down with one of our favorite organizations, Siths For Smiles: a nonprofit that uses the Force to bring smiles to all species. From Wookiees to Gungans, and Ewoks to Jawas, Siths For Smiles focuses all their energy in bringing balance to the emotional state of species across the galaxy.

One of Sith For Smiles’ co-founders, Anakin, joined us in the Kindful temple on Earth to talk about all their amazing work.

A Nonprofit Interview on May the Fourth

Kindful: How did Sith For Smiles get started? Where did you pull your inspiration from?

Anakin: I grew up on Tatooine. It was arid, dusty, and almost devoid of human contact. I grew up working on podracers, and didn’t think my life as a slave was going to go anywhere.

That’s where our inspiration comes from. We try to reach out and find others (hopefully with a high midichlorian count) that could use some happiness, and we use the Force to lift their spirits. Maybe that means helping a Wookiee get a haircut. Or helping a Bantha herder clean their barns. Little things like that to bring peace for a few parsecs, at least.

Kindful: That’s really encouraging to hear – especially from a Sith! How do you guys use Kindful to grow your organization?

Anakin: After we got our first demo with a Kindful R2 droid, we fell in love with the donation pages. They’re really easy to fill out, whether it’s while you’re on an X-Wing, a speeder, or the Falcon. And the options for branding can make the page look very cutting edge.

Kindful: Recently you told the Naboo media that what you liked about Kindful is the reporting. You said, “Reporting. So easy, a Wookiee could do it.” You guys received some Hutt slime for that in the news. What were you really trying to say?

Anakin: You’re telling me! It was almost as bad as that Blue Milk Cola commercial that came out a year ago.

The point is: the reporting features in Kindful, being able to track Jedi donors, Imperials, or Senators and Chancellors, and isolate who gave between 100 and 1,000 credits in less than 12 parsecs…there’s no one out there, dark or light, that makes it this easy! I’ve travelled all the way to the Outer Rim and back – there’s just nothing like Kindful out there.

And yes – I have seen Wookiees use Kindful to fundraise. You can find the Wookiee Fundraise for Forestry, and Put Kash in Kashyyyk, to name just two orgs. I don’t know how they do it – but even those Wookies are raising credits like Lando Calrissian.

Kindful: We can’t thank you enough for stopping by, Anakin. Thanks for being part of the Kindful Alliance, and remember: Support will be with you, always.

May the Fourth (and the Force) be with you. Check out Kindful.


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