3 Ways Automated Reporting Can Boost Donor Engagement

KindfulMarch 05, 2015

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At Kindful, we talk a lot about the power of integrated fundraising and data. From event registration tracking to peer-to-peer fundraising to email marketing, when all your fundraising tools are working together and funneling into one central hub, you are able to spend less time in front of your computer and more time in front of your constituents.

We’ve already talked about how automatic data integration boosts online fundraising, but there’s one more perk that comes when all your data is showing up in one place: automated reporting.

With automating reporting, you can schedule a data report to be pulled and sent to you automatically and on a regular basis. You can schedule daily event registration reports, weekly donation reports or monthly campaign progress reports, all set up to help you stay informed about your constituents without taking up any extra time. That way, you spend less time pulling reports and more time actively engaging your donors.

Here are three ways that scheduling automated reports can boost your donor engagement and help your organization thrive:

1. Automated Reporting Segments Your Donor Information

It’s really helpful when all your donor data is pulled out of external data silos and into one centralized donor database. Instead of manually merging info from a bunch of different third-party accounting and marketing services, everything shows up in one place, giving you a full picture of your donors. But want to know what’s even more helpful? When you can take all your integrated data and segment it for targeted donor engagement. There are lots of ways to slice and dice your donor data, whether it’s by geographic location, average donation amount or even constituent communication preferences. And when you schedule an automated report based on a certain segment of your donor population, you can track giving patterns and trends, helping you rethink your engagement strategy for maximum reach.

2. Automated Reporting Tells You What You Need to Know… And Leaves Out What You Don’t

When you schedule a report, you can choose what data you want to know and how you want it to be presented. You have all the info you need, and even better, none of the info you don’t. Want to know the most recent gift a donor made, but not their total lifetime giving? Want to know how much they give in response to specific email campaigns, but not what they give when attending events? Simply set your automatic report parameters and only see the information you need. No more sifting through unnecessary columns and deleting everything you didn’t need in the first place!

3. Automated Reporting Saves Time

This one’s kind of a no-brainer, but it’s at the heart of why we think automated reporting is so powerful. When you don’t have to go back to your database and manually pull the same report every time you need it, just think about all the time you’ll save. That’s the beauty of an automated report – after you create and schedule it once, you won’t have to spend time pulling it again. And when you can schedule a report to automatically pull a new set of information using the same filters, you can get real-time updates about your donors without even thinking about it. Even if you forget about the report entirely, it will still show up everyday, keeping you focused on your donors and how to best engage with them. Plus, you know what they say – time is money. Now, you can take all that time you’re saving and use it to plan your next big fundraising campaign or, more importantly, your next big step in furthering your mission.

Did you know that Kindful already has automated report scheduling built in to our powerful nonprofit CRM solution? Not only are customized reports easy to create and save in the Kindful donor database, now you can schedule them with just a few extra clicks. If you’re ready to start saving time and money with targeted donor engagement through automated reports, contact us today. We would love to help you explore all that you can do with Kindful!

Schedule a live demo with our partner Bloomerang, and we’ll show you how easy it is to create and automate reports, utilize online and offline fundraising tools, quickly integrate and access all your data, and ultimately create more time to engage your donors.

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