The makers of awesome event and fundraising software, such as GivingFuel, RedPodium, RegFox, and TicketSpice.

Why Webconnex

Do more, make more, keep more! Webconnex boasts in making “the world’s most flexible fundraising and event management software products”. Use one, or all four of the Webconnex tools to build successful online fundraising and event management. Seamlessly integrated, Webconnex passes valuable contact and transaction data to Kindful without you having to do another export and import.

Why Integrate

Connect Kindful and Webconnex to import data from four great Webconnex tools

  • GivingFuel – import contacts and donations into Kindful with GivingFuel’s online fundraising tools
  • TicketSpice – Import contacts and ticket purchases into Kindful
  • RegFox – Import contacts and registrations into Kindful
  • RedPodium – Import contacts, registrations, and transactions into Kindful