Accept credit card donations anywhere, anytime with the leader in mobile payments.

Why Square

Square is the market leader in mobile payments. Square helps millions of people run their businesses with secure payment processing. Now you can have the power of Square in your fundraising toolkit.

Why Integrate

Apart from accepting donations online, in-person gifts might be some of the easiest to garner. Combine an in-person ask with the trustworthiness of Square, and you have a recipe for success. After the event, you can filter out just Square donations, getting accurate reports on how successful your in-person efforts were.

Your Square + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Process gifts at any event
  • Provide confidence to your donors through the Square’s trustworthy brand
  • Accept in-person credit card donations via swipe, dip, or tap
  • Filter and report on your Square donations to see the success of your in-person gifts