Sell your nonprofit products through Shopify. Seamlessly connect you with your donor database.

Why Shopify

Integrate with one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web. Whether you’re selling the product made by your beneficiaries or promotional materials for your organization, Shopify makes selling easy, accessible and affordable.

Why Integrate

Bring all your Shopify transaction data into Kindful. Track your giving and donations through Shopify transactions, as well as filter your Shopify-created contacts.

Your Shopify + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Create a real-time sync of information from Shopify into your Kindful database
  • Automatically create new or update existing Kindful contact records with Shopify customer data
  • Include additional donations (on top of purchases) in Kindful as Soft Credits
  • Pull reports on Shopify purchase history inside Kindful