Donor management software that works with QuickBooks. With Kindful, you get the power of QuickBooks accounting combined with your intuitive donor database. Automatically sync all your donation data and keep track of your donors in one central hub. With this integration, QuickBooks for nonprofits works seamlessly with your donor management platform.

Why QuickBooks

QuickBooks is your go-to source for financial accounting. From expense and donation tracking to automatic bank reconciliation, QuickBooks helps you keep your books up-to-date and keep track of your donors.

Why Integrate

QuickBooks donor management is possible with the Kindful integration. With QuickBooks + Kindful, all your accounting data flows seamlessly between your donor database and your accounting software, making it easier than ever to reconcile your donations and keep track of giving.

Your QuickBooks + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Create a two-way sync between QuickBooks and Kindful with real-time updating
  • Automatically push all your QuickBooks Customers into Kindful Contacts
  • Sync all your QuickBooks Sales Receipts with Kindful Transactions
  • Create financial reports in minutes with built-in templates
  • Reconcile all your financial data without manual imports and exports