Leverage the leading advocacy software and grassroots consulting provider trusted by the nation’s foremost corporations, associations, and nonprofit groups with Kindful! Automatically sync your grassroots advocacy campaigns with your CRM!

Why OneClickPolitics

Empower your advocates with software developed by political experts with battle-tested campaign experience. Influence legislative, regulatory, and media officials with hard-to-ignore digital campaigns from the leading advocacy software and keep all of your grassroots campaign data in sync with your CRM.

Why Integrate

Once a supporter receives one of your petitions, it triggers a note to be created in the donor record in Kindful. This note says what petition they received and whether or not they signed it.

You can then segment your donors in Kindful based on what petitions they’ve signed (or didn’t sign) and determine what communications you send next based on their preferences. Create as many petitions as you want in OneClickPolitics and use Kindful to make sure you are sending those petitions to the right audience.

Now you have all the tools you need to get more people to sign your petition to help change the world!

Your OneClickPolitics + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Develop an advocacy website with Embeddable Widgets, Stand-alone Webpages, and Customizable Forms
  • Target Legislators, Regulatory Officials, Corporate Boards, Local Officials, and Media/Journalists with campaigns and petitions
  • Leverage Kindful and OneClickPolitics’ communication tools like Texting, Email, Petitions, Patch-through Calls, Facebook & Twitter
  • Seamlessly sync all your grassroots advocacy campaign data with Kindful so you never have to push or move data manually
  • Automatically create Kindful profiles when advocates sign your petitions