GoFundMe Charity

Raise more money and engage more donors when you join the world’s largest social fundraising platform.

Looking for GoFundMe for nonprofits and charities? GoFundMe Charity is the world’s largest and fastest-growing crowdfunding service for nonprofit organizations. With world-class fundraising tools like donation buttons, crowdfunding campaigns, and event registration, GoFundMe Charity is a premiere addition to your fundraising suite.

Plus, when you integrate GoFundMe Charity with Kindful, all your data syncs seamlessly with your donor management platform, giving you a complete and accurate picture of your donors.

Why GoFundMe Charity

GoFundMe Charity is a leading peer-to-peer and crowdfunding solution for nonprofits and charities. With GoFundMe Charity, you’ll get access to the world’s largest social fundraising platform, allowing you to raise more money, engage more donors, own your data, and control your brand.

Nonprofits of every size can use GoFundMe Charity to create beautiful and customizable peer-to-peer campaigns and increase event revenue with registration and ticketing solutions.

Why Integrate GoFundMe Charity with Kindful

By connecting with Kindful, all your fundraising, donor, and donation data stays in one place. Plus, you can get started for free. That means there are no platform fees for nonprofits to use GoFundMe Charity, and there’s no fee to connect to Kindful.

Connecting Kindful and GoFundMe Charity is simple and free.

Your GoFundMe Charity + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Eliminate importing and exporting by automatically syncing your event, team, transaction, and donor data.
  • See insightful and accurate reports in Kindful from your GoFundMe Charity events.
  • Get a complete picture of your donors with Kindful donor profiles.
  • Understand where, when, and how donors are participating to help you strengthen your communication and relationships.

Connect Now

If you already have a Kindful and GoFundMe Charity account, you can connect for free today!

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GoFundMe Charity was previous known as CrowdRise.