Fundraise Up

Nonprofit website technology that uses artificial intelligence to multiply donation revenue from your existing website traffic.

Why Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up provides the best of donor experience, customization, and automatic data integration with Kindful. Create unlimited forms that live directly on your website, plus a first-class donor experience. Your donors will have access to a self-service Donor Portal to manage their recurring donations and access their donation history and receipts.

Why Integrate

With Fundraise Up, you’ll use actionable data to optimize your donation process. Fundraise Up connects with your existing infrastructure and a wide variety of payment methods to improve the donation experience for your organization and donors. With a simple transaction-based payment system, Fundraise Up pays for itself in no time.

Connect Fundraise Up to Kindful to have all of your donation and donor data sync seamlessly, giving you a high-powered online giving platform focused on increasing your fundraising revenue. With Fundraise Up and Kindful, no data is lost, giving you a highly-customizable giving experience with the complete picture of your donors.

Your Fundraise Up + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Use artificial intelligence to double website donations, with all of your critical donor data syncing back to Kindful
  • Expand your online fundraising suite using Fundraise Up’s donation forms and donor portal
  • Improve the donation experience for you and your donors with unlimited, customizable donation forms and more
  • Keep all of your donor data organized with a seamless sync from Fundraise Up to Kindful

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