With Eventbrite for nonprofits + Kindful, you’ll be able to manage your events and track your donors all in one place. A seamless connection allows your event data to sync with your donor database automatically.

Plus, with Eventbrite, the fees for nonprofits can be bundled with your ticket cost at no cost to your organization.

Why Eventbrite

One of the most popular event management platforms, Eventbrite makes it easy to create, promote and host events. Whether you’re selling tickets, managing attendees or tracking your event progress, Eventbrite is your one-stop shop for planning awesome events.

Why Integrate

Planning an incredible event with Eventbrite doesn’t have to end there. Tracking not only your ticket sales, Kindful can also filter out which contacts went to just one event or multiple events. Find out who is attending your events, giving you insight on who to invite in the future, or how to engage with them on a deeper level.

Your Eventbrite + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Sync Eventbrite attendees in your Kindful database
  • Automatically create or update donor profiles for registered attendees
  • Create new transactions in Kindful for Eventbrite ticket sales
  • Import your donor’s event registration history
  • Search and create reports in Kindful based on event registration