Congress Plus Advocacy

With Congress Plus Advocacy, we make it easy to inform, involve and inspire your supporters. Activate them to engage with decision makers at the federal, state and local level about issues that are important to you. 

Why Congress Plus Advocacy?

Congress Plus is a powerful all-in-one government relations and advocacy platform. We include features for tracking legislation, scheduling meetings with legislators, managing your team, recruiting and activating supporters and more. Our industry-leading advocacy platform has the targeting and customization tools you need to help make your campaign as effective as possible.

Why Integrate?

Kindful’s Congress Plus Advocacy integration allows you to keep track of which Kindful contacts are also advocates and engage advocates to become donors.

Your Congress Plus Advocacy + Kindful Integration makes it easy to:

  • Activate your Kindful contacts to reach their federal, state and local legislators, media, and regulators about issues that are important to you
  • Sync contact records in Kindful to Congress Plus Advocacy so they can be matched to their legislators and engaged for advocacy campaigns via email and text
  • Sync advocates to Kindful along with information about the advocacy campaigns they have supported
  • Target legislators based on how they voted, where they stand on a bill, the committees they sit on and more
  • Cut through the noise with tools that encourage your supporters to customize their messages to legislators and others so they can have the greatest possible impact