BidCoz provides powerful solutions for fundraising through auctions and events. From ticketing to reporting, and everything in between, BidCoz helps you love fundraising and your supporters love giving.

Why BidCoz

BidCoz is a powerful yet cost-effective software solution for non-technical fundraisers. It’s intuitive and easy-to-learn, and with the ability for collaborators to work together online in real-time, it’s highly efficient. Using the BidCoz suite of fundraising tools, you’ll quickly and easily create, promote, and manage successful auctions and events. Whether an online auction or a big gala event, BidCoz provides the tools you need from check-in to check-out all in one location.

Why Integrate

Easily share BidCoz related contact information, their participation activities, and related financials with Kindful. This integration allows you to automatically sync your BidCoz data with Kindful. This means you can use BidCoz’s powerful auction and event fundraising tools in combination with Kindful’s insightful reporting and analytics. Together, you’ll have all your data in one place and the tools you need to strengthen donor relationships and raise more funds.

Your BidCoz + Kindful integration makes it easy to:

  • Track donor and supporter contact information to keep your data organized and accessible when you need it most
  • Sync donor and supporter event activity to keep track of your constituents’ engagement and follow-up at the right time
  • BidCoz data seamlessly syncs with Kindful, so you can use Kindful’s reporting and analytics capabilities to maximize your donor relationships