Online Donation Pages

What is an Online Donation Page?

An online donation page is where your donors go to make a donation. This is the page the donor would land on after clicking the Donate button on your website.

Kindful + Online Donation Pages

Kindful’s donation pages allow you to easily accept donations online. They’re simple to set up and fill out, and they sync automatically to your database.

Customize the pages and the donor’s experience

Add personality and context to your donation experience. Display an image across the donation page’s background or place a photo with a description to show the impact of your donors’ contributions.

From simple changes like text and colors to custom fields and suggested giving amounts, you can craft the exact donation experience your donor dreams of.

Provide recurring giving options

Give your donors the options they need. Recurring gifts are easy, with options for different giving intervals. Campaigns can be chosen from a list, and even processing fees can be covered by the donor.

You can also choose to accept pledges on your donation pages, then use Kindful reports or contact records to track open pledges that need to be filled.

View and act on your online donations

Contact, donation, and interaction data in one place. After a donation is submitted, you can create automatic receipts to be emailed, or acknowledgment reminders to be triggered.

With this donor in your database, now you can sync their donation to QuickBooks, or put them in a welcome email series by syncing them to MailChimpEmma, or Constant Contact.

Integrate your donation pages

See how our online donation pages integrate with our Donor Management, Donor Communications, Fundraising Tools, and Tracking & Reporting solutions.

Learn more

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