Donor Management Dashboard

See the latest transaction, donor, and contact activity with beautiful charts and graphs on a simplified dashboard page.

screenshot of Kindful dashboard

Acquire, Retain, and Upgrade More Donors

Kindful gives you a constantly updating pulse on your donors’ lifecycle. View actionable (and clickable) insights into your donor data like never before with Donor Lifecycle Analytics.

Plan Your Workday With the Help of Kindful

Right when you log in, you’ll find helpful tips and recommendations to get your day kick-started. Get reminded of things you need to do, and cover those bases you tend to forget.

Track Your Seasonal Transactions and Trajectory

Not sure why this month’s giving changed drastically? Or maybe you’re wondering how to plan for seasonal giving? Now you can see how this year is stacking up to the past 2 years of giving using the Transactions Year Over Year chart.

Follow Your Funding Sources

Easily see which Campaigns and Funds are taking off or staying stagnant. The Campaign and Fund Distribution Charts give an excellent view to the sources of your giving, so you can identify which initiatives need some attention.

Gauge the Health of Your Donor Base with the Donor Pyramid

Stacking low-level donors, mid-level supporters, and major donors, Kindful uses a complex algorithm to give you a healthy checkup. Now you can see which tier of givers needs to be grown to increase stability.

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