According to Classy, the lifetime return of a recurring donor is higher than that of a one-time donor.

75% of donors will keep their plan in place across the first six months, and many continue to give for years. Within one year of signing up, recurring donors make additional one-time gifts 75% more often than one-time donors. The average one-time donation size is higher for donors with recurring giving plans.

It’s much easier to retain a donor than it is to attract a new donor, which means you have an extra incentive to keep the supporters who give to your nonprofit happy and engaged. The more recurring donors you attract and retain, the more sustainable revenue your nonprofit will be able to count on during the year.

In this ebook:

  1. You’ll find our tips on how to build a monthly giving program.
  2. You’ll see examples from nonprofits with successful monthly giving programs.
  3. You’ll learn how to tie your appeal into your mission.
  4. You’ll gain confidence in asking recurring donors to make additional gifts.

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