How Mocha Club Saved Over 30 Hours a Week by Switching to Kindful

Mocha Club is an international community committed to fighting extreme poverty in Africa with everyday generosity. The organization works in five main project areas – clean water, economic freedom, education, healthcare, and orphan care – and all of these initiatives are locally-planned and locally-led.

Searching For A Donor Management Database Upgrade

“Before Kindful, our data was spread across 3 different systems,” said Fallon Klug, Artist & Community Care Manager at Mocha Club. “We constantly found ourselves importing and exporting information from one to the other just to make sure our donor records were up to date. This was super time consuming and unproductive for our team.”

Fallon manages billing information for Mocha Club members. She’s constantly on the lookout for donations that didn’t process. Since their fundraising model is built on recurring donations, this is a big task. And when these donor records are scattered across three different systems, it can seem impossible to find who has lapsed and how to contact them in order to update their information for future payments. With Kindful, that’s all changed.

“If there’s any time that a member doesn’t go through a certain month with their contribution,” explained Fallon, “it’s easy to pull a report and see what people missed their payment. That brings up their name, email, and their phone number, so it’s super easy to have their information and connect with them directly.”

Improving a Complicated Process Brings Significant Results

Making it easy to follow up with donors is a huge win. But what if that process could be improved? What if donors didn’t have to be called to update their billing information?

“After we moved everything over, we noticed one specific thing with our monthly recurring donors,” said Curtis Stoneberger, Executive Vice President of Mocha Club. “With Kindful’s systematic way of recharging cards over several days, alerting people of expiration dates and things like that, we saw a decrease in our attrition rate by 1.5% after implementation.”

Not only does Kindful’s reprocessing help with attrition, but donor profiles give donors the opportunity to update their billing info. Mocha Club can regularly send out emails encouraging donors to update their billing details, with a link to log in to their donor profiles. This keeps attrition decreasing and recurring givers increasing.

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Kindful + Mocha Club

By transferring to a system that can keep everything in one place, Mocha Club has been able to grow in really powerful ways.

Save More Time

“Kindful does a good job of making something that is very complex very simple,” said Brady Keeling, Director of Systems & Information. “It’s easy to navigate and easy to look at a profile and see all the different chunks of information and digest it easily.”

Brady mentioned that it’s been easy to train staff and employees on using Kindful, which has exponentially saved their organization time.

Raise More Funds

With a neverending to-do list, Mocha Club needed systems that worked well together and were easy to use. Looking for ways to improve communication, they’ve been able to easily segment donors based on location or giving history and send marketing emails using Kindful’s integration with Emma. This has been a big part of their donor engagement success.

Do More Good

Mocha Club continues to improve fundraising by lowering attrition. And that very same fundraising goes even farther, as they’ve been able to save over 30 hours a week in data entry. With more time saved, employees like Fallon and Brady have been able to manage their donors better and contribute to making a greater impact in Africa.


“Kindful does a good job of making something that is very complex very simple.”

Brady Keeling, Director of Systems & Information, Mocha Club

Since 2005, Mocha Club has led an international community of more than 40,000 people in providing over 20 clean water solutions, rehabilitation for over 800 former sex slaves, vital anti-retroviral drugs and health care for thousands of people dealing with HIV/AIDS, educational and nutritional support for over 1,000 vulnerable children, and much, much more — all by giving up a few mochas a month.

Now, thanks to Kindful, they’ve got time back in their week to have an even bigger impact on the world.

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