Raise a paddle, raise some money with myRollCall

If you’re a nonprofit that hosts fundraising events, and enjoys hosting really good events, we have a great friend to introduce you to. (No, it’s not Steve Harvey, the world’s greatest event host.)

Throwing events can be really hard. There are just so many details to keep track of! We understand the value of really successful events. Which is why we developed an integration with myRollCall, so every event you host can be incredible.

Raise a paddle, raise some money

myRollCall gives you all the tools you need so you can focus on fundraising – tools like registration, mobile check-in/out, table management and the assignment of your event’s roles and responsibilities to volunteers and organizers.

myRollCall makes organizing and operating an event easier than ever.

Save a seat for Kindful

myRollCall is an amazing online tool to get your events operating smoothly. You can skip all the data juggling, since we’re now integrated! This means ticket sales, paddle raises, auction items, and all other transactional activity can be tracked and then flow right into Kindful. You can pull reports on registrations, donations, purchases and other transactional details.

As with all our integrations, this new addition continues to help bring your data together into one place. This means you can run a list of people who attended your last event (managed in myRollCall, of course), sync that group in MailChimp, Emma, or Constant Contact, and boom – you’ve got yourself a list of people to whom you can send a follow-up email, invite to review your event, share with friends, or give a bit more following the event.

When everything works together, life is good! Get integrated today by going to the App section in Kindful.


Want to learn more about how to host the best event possible? Sign-up for myRollCall’s “Simplify, Modernize & Monetize Fundraising Events” webinar on Tuesday, November 14 at Noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific by RSVP’ing to Brian Kurth at [email protected]