How to Clean Up Your Donor Mailing List

Marty FarrisOctober 26, 2016

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Staying Sharp

A How-To Series for getting the most out of Kindful
In this new segment, we are going to be tackling the questions you have been asking. It’s much easier for you to grow as a nonprofit when you know how to use all the tools available in your fundraising CRM toolkit. And we want to make sure you are fully equipped.

As the Director of Support at Kindful, I get the privilege of spending all my time lending hands-on help to our Kindful community. Our team is passionate about finding great solutions for nonprofit organizations seeking to better run their business – so they can focus on their mission to create change in the world. In the process, I answer hundreds upon hundreds of questions every week, and I would love to talk about one of the more common questions we receive.

“What do I do with undeliverable mailing addresses?”

The first thought most people have is, “I guess I should find a mailing house that can clean up my donor addresses, and then I can manually update each record in my fundraising database.”

There’s a better way!

Did you know Kindful can perform an NCOA (National Change of Address) scrub and replace undeliverable physical mailing addresses for you automatically? That’s right! Instead of going through hundreds, or potentially thousands of contact records to update the address individually, let Kindful clean up your mailing list for you.

Here’s how it works

  1. Place the contacts you wish to go through the NCOA scrub in a Group (Note: Only United States addresses will work with NCOA).
  2. Email [email protected] and request a quote for those contacts in the Group you just created.
  3. Kindful will review and quickly return a quote to you.
  4. Service is paid for upfront, and Kindful runs the service.
  5. The results are displayed in Kindful for your review under “Address Verification” in Settings.
  6. You review and accept each change individually, or all changes at once.
  7. Updates are then made automatically to your relevant contact records.

It really is that simple.

Why does this matter?

By doing regular data cleansing, you can make sure that you aren’t wasting money by sending mail to the wrong address (that could be up to $3 per wrong address). And if your donors don’t receive your fundraising appeals, how will they know to give to you?

One thing I have learned – clean data is happy data. So please let us know the next time you want to put the soap suds on those pesky, hard to clean addresses.

Schedule a live demo with our team, and we’ll show you how easy it is to create and automate reports, utilize online and offline fundraising tools, quickly integrate and access all your data, and ultimately create more time to engage your donors.

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