Your Biggest Crowdfunding Opportunity: Kindful + GoFundMe Charity

Jared EversJune 02, 2017

Your Biggest Crowdfunding Opportunity: Kindful + CrowdRise header image

GoFundMe Charity was previously known as CrowdRise. All references to CrowdRise, links to, and instances of the CrowdRise brand have been updated to GoFundMe Charity.

GoFundMe Charity is the #1 and most trusted leader in free online fundraising. Now all the wonderful fundraising data syncs seamlessly with Kindful.

GoFundMe Charity offers access to the world’s largest social fundraising platform and a network of hundreds of millions of donors. Nonprofits and charities can create teams and team members, who in turn invite friends to donate. It’s a modern, effective, and fun way to fundraise.

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Multiple sources, single database

With this new integration, any donation activity that happens in GoFundMe Charity will show up in Kindful. If Jerry donated last year, became a team member in this year’s GoFundMe Charity campaign, and signed up for a recurring donation, now you can see all that activity and history in your Kindful database.

Use Kindful to filter which of your donors gave to both a GoFundMe Charity campaign and separately on your webpage, or filter team members that didn’t donate. All your GoFundMe Charity data is viewable and reportable in Kindful, supplementing your growing database. This could help you segment for different email groups, like a welcome series or an invitation to future peer-to-peer campaigns.

The sky’s the limit

Now you can take advantage of this amazing crowdfunding tool, without any obstacles between you and your data. Kindful’s robust reporting will help make GoFundMe Charity a powerful tool for any organization fundraising online.

Integrating is super simple – dare I say “fun”?. With a few clicks, all your GoFundMe Charity data will make its way into your donor database. You can set up the integration today if you have an account.

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With Kindful, you get access to the best-in-class software integrations like GoFundMe Charity. That means all you fundraising, donor, and donation data syncs together seamlessly, allowing you to have a complete picture of your donors. See the full list of fundraising, email marketing, payment processing, and event integrations on the Apps & Integrations page.

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