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5 Strategies for Organic Growth in Social Media

A nonprofit’s social media marketing may be on point, but unless people have signed up to see those posts, nothing much is going to happen. Gaining followers on Facebook and elsewhere can take some time. You might be tempted to pay for new likes, the impact will be relatively minimal, not to mention fake. Organic growth is the only thing you can count on to strengthen your social media presence. Here are five simple strategies for gaining followers who will truly be interested in what your nonprofit does.



3 Emails to Cultivate Monthly Donors

Email marketing is central to the fundraising goals of just about every nonprofit. Even though lots of attention goes to Facebook and social marketing, with over 3.9 billion email addresses currently in existence, email is the main common denominator shared by all of your contacts. Whether you’re 16 or 65, you probably check your email once a day. This is why email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools for the modern nonprofit. Here are three emails that you can use to move a donor toward a regular giving commitment.