3 Tips for Starting a Monthly Online Giving Program

KindfulJanuary 25, 2016

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Is your nonprofit struggling to budget and plan because of unpredictable giving patterns? Cultivating recurring donors can help counteract this and setting up a monthly online giving program is a great way to get started. Breaking up payments into smaller amounts throughout the year can also increase a donor’s overall annual gift. This is perfect for cultivating millennial donors who may have a harder time making a large gift all at once.

Here are 3 tips for starting a monthly online giving program that works:

1. Give it a Name

Recurring donors are making an ongoing commitment to support your organization. Make them feel special for it! Kindful customer REBOOT Combat Recovery calls their monthly giving program “The 22 Fund”. Giving the program a name shows that your nonprofit recognizes this donor’s extra commitment, and that they are making a special impact on your cause.


2. Make a Case for It

Donors always want to know that their gift is needed and will make a difference, especially when it comes to recurring gifts. Break it down for donors, putting dollar amounts next to your most common needs so they know all the amazing things you can accomplish with their monthly gifts. Maybe $10 will cover a month of food for one shelter dog or $20 will cover their medical needs. Whatever the case, seeing a gift in concrete terms will encourage potential monthly donors to step up and give them the confidence that their ongoing support will have a lasting impact.

3. Make it an Option Up Front

The best time to acquire a recurring donor is at the time of their very first gift! Give your monthly giving program equal weight with a one-time donation, encouraging donors to partner with you for long-term growth. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your online donation form makes it easy for donors to turn their one-time donation into a monthly gift. That’s what REBOOT does through their Kindful donation form – donors can type in their amount, check a box to make it a recurring gift and set the frequency all on the same form.

Whether you’re creating a monthly online giving program from scratch or looking for ways to revamp your current plan, cultivating recurring donors is vital to the long-term health and sustainability of your organization. 

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